Garry Carlson (A.K.A. Les Moore) is the founder of Eyes Wide Open Coaching Services.  Garry is an accomplished Strategic Business Coach who works with Business Owners, in and around the Animal Services Industry, and with creatives, i.e. writers, artists, musicians, etc.  His dogged determination has been a cornerstone of his coaching practice and his clients successes over the past 7 years. Garry is a Certified Professional Coach and graduated from The International Coaching Academy in Melbourne Australia.


Garry is known by his clients as the “More or Less” Coach, (hence the nickname, Les Moore) because that is exactly what he helps them to achieve.  That is, helping his clients get More of what they want and Less of what they don’t.

Garry brings his personal experience of 25+ years in Electronic Engineering and Manufacturing Management in Corporate 100 Companies and 10+ years of Small Business Ownership, Marketing and Sales to his practice.

His distinctive business expertise coupled with his troubleshooting and problem solving skills are an exceptional asset for any organization to utilize. Blended with his inherent knack for seeing the personal side of even the most technical challenges, Garry provides a significant  value to each and every coaching relationship. His personable and friendly natures add substantial strength and ease to your relationship with him and his expert abilities as a Coach.

Garry’s method of coaching is a process of Discovery, Clarity, Goal Setting, and Strategic Actions that lead to Extraordinary Results.  In addition, you will also receive the following benefits from working with Garry as your Business/Executive Coach:

*Synergy*Listening*Feedback*Possibilities*Creativity*Validation*Empowerment*Perspective*Achievement* and more!

Thanks for coming by – We hope you’ll give a call because you have nothing to loose…..Besides that nagging voice that says “Coulda, Woulda, Shoulda!”